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Entrepreneurship—whether a startup or through acquisition (EtA)—is possible. However, it can be a risky, lengthy, and frustrating journey without the right support team. Much like surfers who wisely advise, “When in doubt, don’t go out,” we believe in approaching entrepreneurial waters with confidence.

We cater to the growth-minded by blending consulting, coaching, and innovative resources, all backed by practical experience and Ivy League rigor. Our aim is to guide you towards success, equip you with tools to overcome challenges, save precious time and money, and enhance your business’s growth. Through smart preparation and solid planning, you will cultivate the necessary resolve, yielding both confidence and practical results that lead toward success.

Karen Spencer is your quintessential guide for entrepreneurial endeavors. She created the pre-accelerator, EtA Launch Hub, and authored the EtA Guidebook. Karen also pioneered VAULT—a digital video channel designed for entrepreneurs—and developed the TakeOff program, which focuses on launching your entrepreneurship through acquisition journey. Her work encompasses much more for aspiring startup and acquisition entrepreneurs. Previously, she co-founded SEARCHFUNDER, a functional social network for acquisition entrepreneurs.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a business leader aiming for growth, a business owner planning an exit, or an investor on the hunt for opportunities, speak with us.


Personalized Learning, At Your Depth, At Your Pace

Take Off
one to one

Coaching + Accountability for startup & EtA entrepreneurs

Our personalized 1:1 sessions are designed for individuals who value live coaching, a depth of experience  and customized accountability to suit their unique needs and circumstances.

Take control of your journey and set the schedule and pace that aligns with your progress.Gain the confidence and momentum necessary to embark on your entrepreneurial journey with a focus on your individual progress and growth as a entrepreneur and leader.

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Take Off
(eta Self-Study)

90 days or at YOur own pacE

Tailored for busy professionals and students requiring freedom to learn and progress on their own schedule. Through actionable modules, you learn the necessary skills to search for and acquire an SMB, without sacrificing your existing commitments.

Gain the confidence and traction necessary to pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations, all while maintaining the flexibility and control over your own time.

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ETA Launch HUB

Diverse cohort- 90 day program

Discover the power of our cohort-based program, where mentorship and collaboration merge to provide a transformative learning experience for professionals and students like you who aspire to own a business.

In six interactive sessions with guest speakers and mentors, you complete this seminar with confidence and the key components for success.

Scholarships sponsored by Live Oak Bank and System Six.

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taking the drop

Our Blog on the Latest Currents

The drop signifies the decisive moment where acquisition entrepreneurs must demonstrate courage, adaptability, and strategic thinking to navigate the challenges and complexities of searching for and acquiring a business.

Here, you’ll find tips and insights for carving your way down the face of any wave for the ride of your life. 


The one and only digital video channel for SMB entrepreneurs

Gain inspiration.

Ignite motivation.

Surf towards success.

Leap into a pool of wisdom with the VAULT digital video channel.

Join Karen’s meticulously curated digital video channel, VAULT, where over a thousand searchers, operators, thought leaders and investors await. With an advanced AI-based search and indexing system, finding the content you desire is effortless.

Whether you’re a beginner learning to paddle out or an experienced searcher seeking that special break, this digital video channel is like uncovering secret Bank Vaults, dedicated to helping you become the best acquisition entrepreneur you can be. Immerse yourself in enlightening conversations and tutorials covering every stage of buying, successfully operating and growing your small-to-mid-sized business.

Plunge into the channel now and embark on a transformative journey towards your entrepreneurial success.

resources for buyers

Over two dozen helpful resources hand-picked by Karen.

Glide into our carefully selected pool of resources, made even richer with our favorite finds from across the ecosystem’s endless ocean.

perks for
SMB Operators

Need a CRM? Conducting Due Diligence? Seeking HR services?

Dive into our collection of curated perks and discounts designed to boost your search process and accelerate your business operations.

Ride the Currents

Check out our calendar of upcoming sessions
diving into the latest trends and current issues.

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