Appreciating Preparation

When I meet with students and aspiring entrepreneurs, they often marvel at my career and credentials. One glance at my resume or LinkedIn profile might lead people to believe these accomplishments are solely my own. I put in a lot of hard work, but let me set the record straight – my achievements are not merely a product of my efforts. In addition to family support, it’s been a collective effort, by pioneers who paved the way before me. For example, the first female black associate at my first law firm who broke that barrier ahead of me. Or, by mentors, like the first black man to make partner at my firm who provided feedback on every memo I wrote for over six months before I shared them with any other partner at the firm. Along with these trailblazers and my mentors, there were several preparatory programs that played a crucial role in my development from engineering to law to business and even into politics:

Interphase:  a program easing the transition to MIT and building community

– Kaplan & BAR/BRI: helping me (and innumerable others) prepare for the LSAT and  California and Oregon bar exams.

Stanford Sloan (now MSx) pre-courses: offered a preparatory jump into a rigorous academic year.

Emerge Oregon: Launching diverse Democratic women leaders into public office.

Due to platforms like these, I had the foundation for success; I accelerated my progress and gained the confidence to do what I needed to do. I still had to put in the hard work of studying, learning, and adapting the information to my situation. Yet, these platforms ensured I didn’t have to pave the road while simultaneously driving on it.

From these experiences, the vision for Pipeline Prep was born to support the TakeOff courses for acquisition entrepreneurship.

Through the countless virtual meetups that I hosted on Searchfunder during the pandemic, I had a front-row seat to the common challenges shared by searchers globally. Why couldn’t someone in the United Kingdom have the same knowledge as someone in California? Why is it that today’s searchers cannot benefit from the successes and missteps of previous CEOs?

Seeing this gap inspired me to develop a cost-efficient program engineered to bolster aspiring acquisition entrepreneurs. It aims to assist those who are considering whether acquiring a business is the right path, helping them smoothly transition from their current situation to maximize traction for their next endeavor.

In essence, it is about leveraging collective wisdom to find a more efficient way forward because none of us are — or should be — navigating this journey alone.

If you also appreciate preparation, the application period is now open for TakeOff’s EtA Launch Hub, a cohort-based program that includes mentorship.