EtA Guidebook: Available in Audio Format

Learn anywhere, anytime.

With years of teaching entrepreneurship under my belt, I’ve come to appreciate the diverse learning styles of my students. That’s why I’ve tailored my program to cater to everyone. Our repository, Vault, offers a rich collection of videos for visual learners. Meanwhile, the EtA Guidebook, previously only digital and sectional through the student portal, is now available in a comprehensive print edition. And in 2024, we’re excited to introduce an audio version for the EtA Launch Hub cohort, providing yet another flexible learning avenue.

I’ve been an avid audiobook enthusiast for quite some time and have always found it to be my preferred method of absorbing new information. My ultimate aim is to ensure that regardless of which format my students prefer, they emerge as highly efficient searchers, well-equipped to acquire the company that best aligns with their vision and goals.

The EtA Launch Hub offers a compelling program of camaraderie, mentorship and streamlined study for those who wish to go from knowing about search to effectively searching. Our focus is on you as the entrepreneur on your journey. So, the program is model agnostic. You keep your equity.

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Thanks to the generous support from Live Oak Bank’s Search Fund Lending Center, we are thrilled to present several scholarships designed to empower the next wave of acquisition entrepreneurs.