Karen provides comprehensive coaching, consulting, and hands-on support to individuals, teams, and businesses seeking to launch and grow their ventures.

Karen is a highly respected thought leader and influential advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, focusing particularly on the investment niche known as search funds. Through her Fetch Strategies and the student portal Pipeline Prep, she empowers clients to develop effective strategies and achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Karen has developed a pre-accelerator, the EtA Launch Hub, that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary skills for success. She’s the author behind the comprehensive EtA Guidebook, the founder of the VAULT digital video channel, and the creator of the TakeOff training program, specifically designed for those interested in acquisition entrepreneurship. Together, these innovative resources not only empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge and momentum needed to effectively search for, purchase, and expand their businesses, but they also lay the groundwork for a future accelerator program. This initiative aims to support and open doors for a diverse group of acquisition entrepreneurs.

As a co-founder of Searchfunder, an online community of 25,000 members, Karen has shown her dedication to supporting BIPOC and/or women and other underrepresented aspiring entrepreneurs since 2015.

“Karen is a fantastic leader and changemaker.  She is mission-driven and values-based and has used her lifelong learnings to help foster opportunities for others.  If you are looking to learn more about Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition, I can’t think of a better mentor than Karen.’

– Ron Wexler, NextGen

Why “Fetch”?

In nautical terms, “fetch” refers to the distance over which wind blows uninterrupted across a stretch of water, creating waves. It is the transfer of the energy from the wind to the sea that creates the waves. The longer the fetch, the larger and more powerful the waves can become. Sometimes all we need is a little wind at our backs so that we have the power to accomplish our goals, fulfill our dreams and have a positive impact on our communities.


Why “Pipeline”?

In surfing, “pipeline” refers to a specific type of wave and the famous surf break located at Ehukai Beach on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Riding in the barrel or hollow of a wave at Pipeline is one of the most exhilarating and challenging experiences in surfing, requiring great skill and timing to navigate. This is a fitting metaphor for being an entrepreneur. Riding the waves of the entrepreneurial journey requires preparation, skill and a willingness to challenge ourselves every day.



Embarking on the journey of launching a search to acquire a company can be likened to learning to surf – mastering the art of riding the entrepreneurial waves. You have the option to navigate this sea alone, through trial and error. Alternatively, you can choose a knowledgeable guide by your side, someone who understands the currents, tides, and the experiences of others who have stumbled and risen again, just like you. A dependable guide provides beginners with that gentle nudge on their board, ensuring a successful start, and as you progress, they observe and mentor you, helping you hone your skills toward performance.

“Thank you, Karen! It has been a real pleasure and privilege to participate in this program. I had my mind blown at least once every session. From the amazing guest speakers you brought in to my impressive classmates, my understanding of what’s possible and what’s required has fundamentally changed. This was like a mini MBA/accelerator. Fingers crossed for our cohort to have a couple of acquisitions this year!”

– David Lovejoy